Not available nor applicable with SkyGuide

Backlash is used to compensate the backlash of the focuser. By default, this parameter is ignored.

 With high end focusers this parameter can be ignored.

To compensate backlash you should enter the number of steps that is elapsed without visible motion when the focuser move in the opposite direction. Whenever the focuser ASCOM driver offers a backlash compensation option we recommend to us it instead.

Also if the backlash is small we suggest not to use any compensation the KSG auto-focus loop can handle some backlash automatically.

To measure your focuser backlash, you can start the focusing loop without correction and use the focuser relay to move the focuser to the opposite direction until you see a change in the relative roundness. Once you see a change in the relative roudness, you should calculate the backlash by summing the total number of steps used to move and enter the value in the backlash field.

 To do a good measurement, you should consider a large move in one direction before starting to go to the opposite direction.

If your focuser offers a backlash compensation we suggest using it instead.